Silter s.r.l is a leader company in the production of silicone “LSR” and thermoplastic articles.

Main material used

Silicone LSR for the food, medical and technical sectors with post curing

thermoplastic polimers (different types) treatment.

Main products made in silicone

O-ring, gaskets, suction caps, cover, protections, bracelets, watch straps, plugs, bags,…

Main thermoplastic products

Any small or medium dimensions requested product

We plan and produce designs for moulds design or on the customers’ demand.

Thanks to our modern group of machinery, we are able to be competitive, showing flexibility in the production of any type of batches (big, medium, small).

The production is made from highly characterized staff with a twenty years experience in the field. Silter s.r.l. can reproduce any detail and design a specific product in order to satisfy the customers requests.

There is the possibility to overprint on metallic or/and thermoplastic products thanks to the most modern technologies used.

The particular structure of the company, which is developed on an area of 8.000 mq, guarantees the quality and the speed required by the customers’ need.

In order to satisfy them, all the procedures are checked by specialistic staff and made by using the most modern technologies.

Our strengths

  • Flexibility in the production of big, medium and small batches
  • All the planning and production is made inside the company
  • Optimisation of all processes
  • All machinery is automatic or semi-automatic and of new generation
  • The business structure is modern and divided in offices and departments for the production of the moulds
  • High level of knowledge and experience in the production field
  • Hign quality product
  • Puntuality with deadlines