Silicone LSR

What is silicone? Silicone is a type of artificial material produced by man from silicon (natural element existing in the sand) and oxygen base. Silicone can be used in a variety of sectors including: medical, domestic, electrical, fashion and food. Silicone used for the food industry is the same as that used for the medical sector, only difference being the liquid or the solid state since it must be treated to stay in contact with food and must not, for example, in cooking liberate toxic gases and must not react while in contact with the food.

Nowadays in all the kitchens you can find silicone food items, such as moulds, containers etc. For these types of products silicone is the perfect material because: it is resistant and provides thermal stability, is flexible even at low temperature, resistant to ageing and weathering, acts as a perfect electrical insulator and is non-stick and elastic.

We, at Silter, guarantee security and certified quality and comply with current regulations, all of our articles being heat treated to determine their toxicity and suitability for sale and for contact with food. With our many years of experience, we can guarantee exceptional quality combined with originality and professionalism for our customers. Our team of experts work on designs or ideas brought by customers. For more information or to request a free personalized quote visit our website and use the "contact us" button or come and visit us in via Tagliamento 37/39 Mellaredo Pianiga in the province of Venice.