Silicon o-ring

An American, Niels Christenses, in 1937, patented the O-ring that became an essential tool during the Second World War. An O-ring is a rubber ring of circular shape commonly used as a mechanical gasket or seal. The O-rings are inserted in suitable machines which, during the assembly of two or more parts, are compressed to create a seal. They are called O-rings because "o" is the letter of their form (i.e. a circle) and "ring" from the English word "ring".

O-rings, because of their very limited costs and their resistance to tens of megapascals (unit of measurement used to measure stress and pressure), are the seals which are most used commercially. Generally the O-rings are made of silicone, a material that is very durable and also an excellent insulator.

Silter is a company based in Via Tagliamento 37/39 Mellaredo of Pianiga in the province of Venice, which for many years has been producing silicone O-rings for different areas such as lighting, electricity, domestic, food, medical, fashion, advertising etc. The company covers an area of 8,000 square meters and our staff is qualified and continuously updated, always ready to give their best, and ensure quality and processing speed, using technologically advanced machinery, raw materials of high quality and creating custom designs as per the specific needs of the customer.

We have been producing these products for the whole country and in recent years we have begun expanding our market abroad. Visit our website and contact us for a free quote without obligation.