Food-grade silicone

We at Silter S.r.l. are a leading company in the production of "LSR" silicone and in recent years in addition to designing silicone products for industrial use, we decided to innovate thus catapulting ourselves into the world of fashion, where plastic and silicone are the dominant elements in manufacture of fashion accessories.

Where the accessory can make a difference for those who want to stand out from the crowd and become a style icon. Our bags and our fashion accessories (bracelets and straps) have a strong potential and are characterised by their style and peculiarity due to the innovative and unusual material used to manufacture them; the silicone. This material has the advantage of being very resistant, waterproof, resistant to ageing, easily washable and can be pigmented in any colour.

We can boast of many years of experience, which enabled us to become a reliable partner for anyone requiring silicone items. We only use materials and advanced machinery in our productions. The techniques used in the process are constantly updated by our qualified staff along with the designs of silicone products including as per the drawings brought by the customer. Our production process follows a quality control system right from the source, with the control of raw materials, production, packaging and packing until shipment with the aim to provide our customers the best quality and safety.

To discover all our sectors of production visit our website or come and visit us in via Tagliamento 37/39 Mellaredo Pianiga in the province of Venice, we operate all over the country and internationally.