Silter, with its many years of experience in the industry, produces plastic protections for all industrial applications, and in particular, has specialized in the commercialization of silicon gaskets for various markets.

Why use or buy a silicone gasket? The answer is very simple, because it has many properties: it is odourless and tasteless, totally non-toxic, bio-compatible, resistant to different weather conditions, water-resistant, highly flexible, non-carcinogenic and keeps the air perfectly clean. The silicon gaskets (or plugs) are used in many application areas, the main ones being: lighting, electronics, electrical appliances, food, health, medical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, diving and many others.

Silter is a leader in the design and production of LSR silicone for different sectors. Silter, with its numerous years of experience in the moulding of elastomers, is able to cope with the development of various applications, in particular the production of gaskets, stoppers for high and low temperatures, suction cups, thermoplastic elements for construction, spacers for floors, etc. All the equipment and machinery at the disposal of Silter are the best in the current market. Its skilled staff ensures high productivity and consistent quality.

All plants, equipment and machinery used by Silter are the best on offer and the latest in the current market, with qualified staff, high productivity and consistent quality. Come and visit us. Our company is headquartered Mellaredo of Pianiga (VE) - Via Tagliamento 37/39. You can also visit our website and contact us for a without obligation customised quote. We are waiting for it!