Silicone gaskets

Known as LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), the liquid silicone rubbers that are suitable to be injected into a mould, generally consist of two components to be mixed at the time of transformation process. Range of contemporary materials that are used to make casts from the original models. This rubber hardens at room temperature in the presence of a catalyst. This combination of materials results in a stable rubber with elasticity and resistance, in addition to non-stick properties which facilitate the de-moulding of models, therefore they are perfect in reproduction of details.

Silicone is a material with a perfect combination of physical properties, has a high resistance to atmospheric agents and excellent electrical properties. It is resistant to high temperatures, excellent low temperature flexibility and offers excellent workability. We, at Silter, are capable of manufacturing silicone rubbers of all types, in order to meet various needs.

You can choose between different catalytic processes, such as condensation and polyaddition, with different hardness, viscosity as a function of the specific future application. We are the leader in this sector and we also produce: LSR silicone objects, O-rings, gaskets, suction cups, caps for high and low temperatures, thermoplastic articles for building, covering tiles, flooring spacers, etc. We design the projects on demand which are created specifically keeping in mind the detailed requirements of our customers.

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