Production of LSR silicone objects

Suction cups are the tools that are used to extract things that are "hard to pick up", and are used where there are problems in lifting and manipulating objects. In the history, suction cups were used for the first time in the third century BC to treat illnesses. The version of the suction cup as we know it was patented in 1882.

The suction cup, if applied properly, guarantees simplicity, security and cost-effectiveness. At Silter, we work and produce automated system with great attention to detail. The suction cups of our production are vacuum compression moulded and may vary depending on the quality of mixtures used in their manufacture process. We are leading in the production of silicone suction cups, which can be, for its characteristics, used in contact with oil and gas. It is very flexible, it is usually suitable to irregular surfaces, is resistant to atmospheric agents such as heat, is used for surfaces where temperatures rise up to 250 ° and possesses limited mechanical strength. We produce silicone suction cups in all shapes such as: flat, universal bellows, cones, concave, oval, etc., always respecting the environment and safety, we operate in accordance with the safety standards set by the European Union.

With our many years of experience, we can be considered excellent and reliable partners, with our staff of experts is at the disposal of those looking for silicone items. Over the years we have perfected the techniques, and through continuing education, we can define innovation and reliability. Come to visit us in via Tagliamento 37/39 Mellaredo of Pianiga in the province of Venice.