Technical rubber

The main feature of the rubber is that it can be stretched at will and is able to return, when no longer in traction, to its original shape rapidly. This value is commonly called elasticity. Rubber is a material formed from macromolecules intertwined as a network. The process by which the rubber is treated to improve its characteristics is called vulcanization. During the process of vulcanizing the natural rubber is processed with sulphur which changes the cross-linking.

Silter is an Italian company specialized in the production and marketing of technical rubber articles for various industrial sectors, such as: lighting, electrical, appliance, home, food, sanitary, medical, electro, pneumatic, hydraulic, underwater, fashion, nautical , advertising and many others. Silter produces a wide range of technical rubber, ensuring an accurate service in order to recommend the best product at a great value.

Many years of work in the field of rubber and silicone have allowed this great company to become a leader in the production of technical rubber, becoming known not only throughout Italy but also in many other countries of the world; Silter today is an international reality. Silter has the latest machinery and equipment, production systems with automatic and semi-automatic cutting edge. The corporate structure is evolving and organized with two offices: one for design and one for mould making.

Visit the website for more information, Silter is located in Mellaredo of Pianiga, Venice, Via Tagliamento 37/39.