Thermoplastic items in LSR

We, at Silter, design and manufacture injection moulds for the production of thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubber parts. Silicone is a material with a unique combination of physical properties, has a high resistance to atmospheric agents, excellent electrical properties, high temperature resistance, excellent flexibility at low temperatures, and an excellent workability.

In addition to the items listed in our catalogue, we are able to implement any unique designs provided by the customer to be able to meet your needs. We also provide the option of making overprints for metal parts and/or thermoplastic products. Among other services our company offers designing and manufacturing of moulds, with the best equipment and machinery adapted to a large corporate structure. We also satisfy most customisation requests and produce the finished product in a timely manner. For us, quality is everything, we take care of the smallest detail at each stage of production: from the choice of raw materials, production (printing), packaging to shipping, in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

After understanding the customer's needs, our specialized staff prepares a general project, which if approved, will proceed with the design of the mould with particular regard to its optimization in terms of productivity and quality of the final product. The regular and periodic maintenance of the moulds is of primary importance so as to guarantee a constant quality standard. We have been producing these products for the whole country and in recent years we have begun expanding our market abroad. Come to visit us in via Tagliamento 37/39 Mellaredo of Pianiga in the province of Venice.